Retirement Visa Annual Renewal Service in Thailand

Retirement Visa Annual Renewal Service

Thailand Retirement Visa

Retirement Visa Annual Renewal

This is more accurately known as a renewal of the O visa extension for the purposes of retirement.

We can help you to process this annual renewal:

  • You will need to have a valid passport with 12 months validity remaining
  • Can be shorter validity but you will only be granted an extension up to passport expiry date and no time credit will be given to a new passport when you get one, you must go through the process again
  • You have a retirement extension due for its annual renewal
  • We can renew the extension up to 60 days early with no loss of time (the new extension is added to the expiry date of the old extension date)
  • We complete all the Immigration documentation for you
  • We provide the funds needed to support your renewal
  • We deal with Immigration on your behalf

If you have any questions about our Annual Renewal, please don't hesitate to contact us directly on +66 (0)87 941 0081

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