5 Important Questions You Should Ask A Visa Consultant

Five Questions To Ask

Five Questions You Must Ask before Choosing a Thailand Retirement Visa Consultant

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Retirement Visa Consultant Checklist

For anyone over 50, there is a wonderful opportunity to start new life in Thailand, thanks to the generous terms of the Thailand retirement visa. But although the visa requirements are quite simple, it is important that your application is handled efficiently and competently.

Every applicant is advised to work with a professional visa consultant in order to be certain of success. You need to be sure that your application goes through smoothly and without complications. So when choosing a consultant to work with, you need ask all of the following questions:

Speedy Visa: Thailand Retirement Visa specialists

Question 1: Does your visa consultant specialize in retirement visas?

Many visa consultants spend most of their time processing tourist visas, business visas, marriage visas, etc. As a result, they may have limited experience of the special issues associated with applying for a retirement visa.

At Speedy Visa, the vast majority of our business is dealing with retirement visa applications. That's what we do! We have helped hundreds of people retire successfully to Thailand, and we know all the issues that may arise, and how to solve them.

Question 2: Is your visa consultant an ex-pat who has experienced the visa application process?

Most visa consultants in Thailand are staffed by Thai people, and they do a great job. But as they have not experienced the immigration process themselves, they may not see things from your point of view. The language barrier can be an issue, too. Even when the consultant speaks good English, it is easy for important details to get lost in the translation.

Speedy Visa is run by Ken Wright, a British ex-pat who has been through the application process, and understands the system from the applicant's point of view. And as he is a native English speaker,you don't have to worry about misunderstandings ruining your application.

Question 3: Will your visa consultant deal with the Immigration Department for you?

It's tough dealing with bureaucracy at any time. But when the bureaucracy is in a foreign country that speaks an alien language written in an incomprehensible script, it is ten times harder!

When you work with Speedy Visa, all of those problems disappear. We deal with the Immigration Department on your behalf. You never need to attend a meeting, speak to an immigration official or even fill in a form.We take care of everything for you. This really is the easiest way to get your Thailand retirement visa.

Question 4: Can your consultant get your visa approved quickly?

The wonders of Thailand await your pleasure! The last thing you want is for your retirement visa application to be bogged down in the system. Why wait weeks or even months for your visa, when you can get it in just a few days?

At Speedy Visa, we specialize in (can you guess?) ... speedy visas! In most cases, we can get your visa processed and approved in double - quick time. We can do the whole thing from start to finish in less than a week. Give us your passport on Monday, and we will return it to you by Friday, stamped with your brand-new retirement visa - all officially approved and ready for use. When we say Speedy Visa, we mean it!

Question 5: Can your visa consultant help with the financial requirements?

If you are over 50, then getting your Thailand retirement visa is a straightforward process. However, the immigration department does need to see that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in the country.

This is where some people hit problems. You may have savings, but not quite enough to meet the required 800,000 baht (around US$24,000). Or you may have a monthly income, but not the documentation to prove it. In such cases, your typical visa consultant will politely tell you there is nothing they can do to help.

But don't panic! At Speedy Visa, we have come up with innovative solutions to such problems. We are able to manage your application and ensure that such problems do not affect approval. We will take care of everything for you.

The Quickest, Easiest and Most Efficient Way to Get Your Thailand Retirement Visa

When you work with Speedy Visa, you know that you have the right answers to all the above questions. So don't delay - get in touch today and get the ball rolling. Before you know it, you will be starting a wonderful retirement in the 'Land of Smiles' - and you will definitely have plenty to smile about.

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Speedy Visa: Thailand Retirement Visa specialists

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