SETV Visa Report: Hassle-Free Application Process in Hong Kong



  • Published: 7th June, 2018

VISA REPORT: SETV HONG KONG Most of my experiences getting tourist visas in Hong Kong have been super easy, but last time, about a year ago, they gave me the third degree about what I was doing in Thailand. Today I returned to the office to see if things have changed, I'm pleased to say that it's back to being (mostly) painless again. Maybe last time I just got someone at the window who was having a bad day? I don't know. Documents Required: Photocopy of Passport Photocopy of Arrival Slips (I put both on one page) 1 Photo - IMPORTANT: Must be on a white background. This was never an issue before, but they rejected my first photo which had a slightly off-white background. I was lucky and had a couple of extra photos from the last time I applied for a passport, which they accepted. $300 HKD

Step One

Take Cathay Pacific Flight 616 leaving at 6:40 in the morning from Bangkok. Have your passport photocopied and application printed/filled out ahead of time. Make an extra copy of your passport just in case your hotel needs to see it on check in.

Step Two

Arrive in Hong Kong at 10:20 (we got in about 25 minutes late so 10:45 today).

Step Three

Get a photocopy of your arrival slip and print out at the airport. I used the Cathay Pacific Arrival Lounge. No photocopier, but I emailed myself a picture of the arrival papers, and printed that. They accepted it. (Alternately there's an Alpha Graphics at Admiralty Station.)

Step Four

Take Airport Express to Hong Kong station (save time by ordering your pass online... I use look... You won't have to wait in line at the airport express counter if you get a round trip ticket + 3 day MTR pass.)

Step Five

Follow the signs and walk to Central MTR Station via the underground tunnel.

Step Six

Take the red line one stop to Admiralty Station.

Step Seven

Take Exit B on the ground floor. You'll see Alpha Graphics at the base of the escalator if you didn't photocopy your arrival documents at the airport. People say its $2 HKD per copy. You'll want to have some Hong Kong cash on you so... stop at an ATM and maybe buy a snack at 7-11 on the way.

Step Eight

Take the escalator upstairs, go right, and walk out the door next to the coffee shops. Cross the sky bridge. Go into Fairmont House across the street (it's on the left). Thai Consulate is on the 8th floor.

Step Nine

Hand in your application just before the 12:30 submission deadline. Today they locked the doors around 12:38. I arrived at 12:26.

Step Ten

Come back the next day (or later if you want), to collect your passport. Technically, you could do what I did on the drop off and be back in BKK the next day, but it's probably wiser to stay at least two nights just in case your flight is late, and be sure to have an afternoon/evening trip home. I haven't done Step Ten yet, but I have no reason to believe there won't be a visa in my passport tomorrow morning. I'm staying in HK a few days anyway. I just have a thing against making unnecessary trips, so I rushed from the airport. Update: Picked up my passport this morning around 10:30. It was an in and out trip to the consulate. Less than 10 minutes wait. I don't know if all consulates are doing this now, or if HK just ran out of stickers, but my visa is a rubber stamp that says: "TOURIST VISA Tourist Visa Royal Thai Consulate-General Hong Kong No. _________________ (hand written number) Good for SINGLE journey To Thailand. This visa must be utilized Before __________________ (stamped date) If passport remains valid. Issued on _________________ (stamped date). (Signature + red authorization stamp)" There's no mention of number of entries, the employment prohibited reminder, etc. That you usually find on the computer printed stickers. The girl who got her visa before me was staring at her passport like "?*#! is this?" I had a similar reaction. This is the first time I've received a visa from any country that wasn't a sticker. I don't care as long as immigration at swampy doesn't have any questions.

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